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Buying Cross-country Skis

By Max Lent

Cross-country skis, boots, bindings, and poles are relatively inexpensive and there are not many choices compared to downhill skis.

There are two basic kinds of skis, those that require waxing and those that do not. Proponents of each type will swear that their skis are the best. The problem is that they are both right. Wax skis are reported to have the best kick and the best glide when they are waxed correctly. Waxless skis sacrifice performance for ease of use. However, you don't have to stand around waxing your skis when you own waxless skis. But even this is not always true, there are now waxes and sprays for waxless skis that supposedly improve performance.

Which should you buy? If you are a beginner, buy waxless. If you are know how to ski well, consider wax skis. If you are a racer, ask your coach. If you are a back-country skier, you probably don't need my advice.

If possible, rent before you buy. Take your business to a store that rents skis. At some retailers, you may find that you are able to credit your ski rental to your purchase. If you are lucky enough to live near a cross-country ski resort you may be able to rent several different kinds of skis before deciding what to buy.

Types of cross-country skis


Traditional cross-country skis are designed for in-track skiing. This refers to the tracks that are set in the snow by other skiers or mechanical trail grooming devices. These skis are designed to perform well in these conditions and for some off-trail traveling.


These skis are designed for trails that are groomed for skating especially for racing. In other words, trails without set tracks, but with a wide area of smooth snow.


These skis are often used for back-country travel and expeditions. They are often wider and require heavy duty boots. With a appropriate binding these skis can be used to perform downhill ski maneuvers like the Telmark turn.

Stop by the L.L. Bean Cross-country ski Web pages to read more on this subject. Remember that they have an interest in your purchasing the brands and models that they carry. Make your purchasing decision based on retailer and product comparisons.

Short skis

It is too early to report on these new skis that are supposed to do everything better. It is not clear if these skis represent miracles for skiers or marketing managers. If you have experience with them that you would like to share, send them to me.

Other essentials

Boots &Bindings

Chose your boots carefully. The must have a snug fit and bend where your foot bends. There is no substitution for trying on boots of different sizes from a variety of manufacturers. If you boots don't fit, you won't ski more than one season. A knowledgeable fitter is worth paying more for your equipment. The bindings that connect your boots to the skis have to be installed exactly right or you will find that your center of balance will be off or that your skis won't perform. Again a high quality binding installation is worth the extra price.


Ski poles should be light. The should strong. Most poles are made of fiberglass and work fine as long as they are not too long or too short. Again, a proper fitting is worth the expense.



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