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How to request a free exchange link or purchase an advertising link

Free exchange links are available to local businesses and organizations in exchange for a link back to  If you wish to have a link on this site, but do not wish to provide a exchange link, there is a $99/year fee for a text link on one of the directory pages.  Banner and graphic advertisements are quoted based on the size and placement advertisement. 

To request an exchange link, the first step is for you to put a link to on your Web site.  As part of the request review your site will be scanned to see if a link to exists.  If it does not, your request will not be processed.

Links to are available at  Let us know when your link requires updating or deleting.  Once you have added a link to on your site, fill out the form below.

Max Lent Communications does not accept liability of any kind for errors or inaccuracies of any kind.  We do not accept liability for losses that may result from and problems associated with any links.

Exchange links are checked weekly.  If no link to is found on your site, your organization's listing on will be removed.

We do not link to gambling or adult content sites.

We do not link to businesses outside of the Rochester area. 

Copy the below questions into an email and answer them.

Start copy below this line


What is the name of your business or organization?

What is the URL for your Web site?

What page (URL) on do you want your link posted on?

Please provide a description of your business or organization.  Please proofread.  This description will accompany your link.  It can be one or two paragraphs long.  A longer description of your organization and its products and services is better than a short description.

What is your first name?                                                       

What is your last name?

What is your email address?

What is your telephone number?

What page on your site is there a link to (Please note that your request will not be processed if a link to is not verified on your site.  Links are verified weekly.)

Are you requesting a reciprocal link or a paid link?

If you are not providing an exchange link, you will be billed on receipt of your link request.

If you are requesting a paid link, you will be contacted to verify your request.  Once your request is verified, you will be invoiced through PayPal.


End copy above this line.

Email your request to:



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