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Computer Organizations in Rochester, NY



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This is a list of organizations that maintain Web sites.  A list of organizations that maintain online communities, mailing lists, chat rooms, and more is available at:  Inforochester Online Groups. 

  • Apple CIDER.  "Apple CIDER is a computer user group whose main purpose is educational. We demonstrate, inform, and instruct in the use of Apple computing technology."
  • The Association for Women in Computing (AWC).  "The Association for Women in Computing is a national non-profit professional organization for women and men who have an interest in information technology. The Association is dedicated to the advancement of women in the technology fields. The Upstate New York chapter was chartered in 1996 and is open to anyone interested in information technology."
  • Genesee Valley Systems Administrator Guild (GVSAGE).  "The goal of GVSAGE is to allow system administrators in the Rochester, New York area a chance to meet on a somewhat regular basis to exchange tips, talk to peers, share experiences and socialize. We hope to provide an informal support network for professional systems administrators, supply some faces to go with names seen on the net, bring in expert speakers on topics of common interest (information security, privacy requirements, IPv6, etc.) and perhaps just have a bit of fun (where else can you tell a joke with the punch line 'They spent the rest of the day trying to get gifs from 127.0.0')."
  • Information Systems Security Association.  "ISSA™, Rochester is the Rochester Regional Chapter of the Information Systems Security Association. We are a group of information security professionals in the beginning stages of developing this local chapter."
  • LINUX User Group of Rochester (LUGOR).
  • Micrecycle.  "Micrecycle, sponsored by Nortel Network's division in Rochester, New York, is a unique collaborative drawing on the best talents and resources offered by the business and not-for-profit communities. The collaborative mission is to gather, repair, and refurbish computers and peripherals that have outlived their usefulness in the workplace, and place them where they can do the most good: in needy schools and community-based organizations in New York State.
  • Rochester Engineering Society.  "RES promotes and celebrates excellence, innovation, cooperation, professional growth and fellowship in the engineering, scientific and allied professions.

    RES is recognized as the principal leader committed to increasing the visibility of the greater Rochester area engineering and technical community. " 
  • Rochester Computer Society (RCSi).  "The Rochester Computer Society is a non-profit group open for membership to anyone interested in computers.  We have monthly "club" meetings as well as Special Interest Group (SIG) meetings.  We will soon have Computer Basic Training classes open to the general public for a nominal fee which will include club membership for a year.  The majority of our members are computer novices, but we have a number of people with intermediate knowledge and even a few experts.  RCSi or The Rochester Computer Society, Inc. is a non profit organization, 501(c)(3), which exists to promote a forum for communicating ideas, resolving problems, and increasing the effectiveness of computers and their related software and peripherals.

    The current emphasis of RCSi is on increasing skills in using the telecommunications potential of computers-- interpersonal, using the BBS and accessing the Internet.  We are also in the process of increasing the number of SIGs (Special Interest Groups) we have so that we can better meet the specific needs of our members.  

     RCSi also promotes within the limits of licensing agreements the creation, modification, maintenance, duplication and distribution of Public Domain and SHAREWARE software to members of the organization, and provides a forum for informational interchange among the members. For example, to users of older machines, the Society is making available a collection of shareware links to make productive even the oldest of the existing Win 3.x machines.  RCSi provides a forum for informational interchange among the members.
  • Rochester JAVA Users Group (RJUG).  "The RJUG exists to bring together novice and experienced developers and facilitate the sharing of knowledge about Java programming and technologies."
  • SGML/XML Users Group. "The Rochester NY SGML/XML User's Group is a nonprofit organization, which promotes the effective use of SGML, XML and related technologies (e.g., CSS, DSSSL, XSL, XLINK, etc.) through education, and the open exchange of information. RNYSXUG also provides members with a forum in which to work with other developers, users, and vendors of SGML/XML solutions."
  • Upstate New York Oracle Users Group (UNYOUG).  "The Upstate New York Oracle Users Group (UNYOUG) is an independent organization designed to facilitate communication and the exchange of information on products, services and technical issues related to the Oracle RDBMS and associated products.

    UNYOUG is affiliated with the International Oracle Users Group (IOUG) of the Americas. 
  • Visual Developers of Upstate NY.  "The VDUNY computer club's main mission is to provide a forum and an opportunity to exchange ideas, knowledge and experience about developing applications with a visual interface. This includes our old favorite like the Microsoft visual development tools (such as Visual Basic, Visual C++, Access, FoxPro, etc.), as well as other languages and formats like HTML, C#, ASP, JAVA, XML, and many others. If it has a visual interface and it needs to be programmed, we will probably discuss it! (see the group's Objectives)"   

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