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The Nature of Rochester

Rochester's Online Natural History Guide


Welcome to Rochester's online natural history guide, The Nature of Rochester. The purpose of this Web site is to expand awareness and appreciation of nature in Upstate New York.

An online discussion about the nature of Rochester is accessible at   Share your knowledge about the nature of Rochester, New York. Ask questions about animals, plants, fossils, and other natural objects and phenomena that you discover in our geographic region. Help others identify creatures and objects they have discovered. Contribute stories and photographs about the nature of Rochester, NY.     

Life sciences (only those topics underlined and in blue are links)

  • Plants (Botany)
  • Animals (Zoology)
  • Fungi
  • Paleontology
    • The Buffalo Association of Professional Geologists.
    • New York Paleontological Society.  "The New York Paleontological Society was founded as a forum to inform and educate its members and the public at large concerning the nature, interrelationships and evolutionary development of all kinds of living things throughout geologic time - especially through the study of their fossils and allied geological information."
    • New York Paleontology. 
    • The Paleontological Research Institution.  "It is PRI's mission to increase and disseminate knowledge about the history and evolution of the Earth and its life."
    • PaleoResearch  "Prehistoric Pittsford & the Erie Canal"  Educational site to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the discovery of prehistoric animals (eurypterids) at Pittsford, New York (1900-1903). Samuel J. Ciurca, geologist.
    • Penn Dixie Paleontological and Outdoor Education Center. 
    • "The Hamburg Natural History Society, Inc. was founded in 1993. Mission Statement.  "To promote the study of the sciences with an emphasis on the field activities associated with the geological and biological sciences; to develop, administrate and maintain the Penn Dixie Site: Paleontological and Outdoor Education Center in Hamburg, New York; promote a regional fossil site to foster and encourage a medium for the public to study and collect fossils; encourage and promote upper level training of in-service teachers; and aid in obtaining and administering funds to promote the study of natural history in the Western New York Region."
    • Rochester Academy of Science Fossil Section.  "The Fossil Section is open to all who have an interest in the collecting, study, preparation and display of fossils. Active participation by members in the program to collect, preserve, and study paleontological material is encouraged. The Section is pledged to work, in cooperation with scientific institutions for the preservation of the geologic record. Members are encouraged to actively participate in the monthly meetings. Several field trips to fossil collecting sites in New York State are held each year.

      Talks by professional paleontologists or knowledgeable collectors are coupled with interesting displays of fossil finds. Meetings are followed by a social hour with refreshments and open discussion of fossil and fossil collecting." 
  •  Physical Sciences

Nature Organizations

Other Resources




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