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Rochester, NY City Guide

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Museums & Galleries of Rochester, NY

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  • Arete' Gallery. "The Arete' Gallery concept: The concept of this gallery is simple… we are committed to the success of all our Artists .

    The structure of Arete’ Gallery allows Artists to emerge in the Art World with the PR/Marketing support they need locally, and the confidence and financial success they need to launch into bigger markets.

    Arete’ Gallery never charges the Artists a commission fee on their work. Therefore, the Artist has more flexibility in pricing and the opportunity to sell more of their work. At Arete‘ Gallery, 100% of the purchase price goes to the Artist. Our Clientele appreciates this "no commission" arrangement and find themselves more inclined to trust in the process of buying Art through Arete‘ Gallery.

    Arete’ has created gallery space in a beautifully renovated, climate control, secure building in an exciting, emerging Rochester neighborhood. We provide each artist with monthly Showcase Openings, marketing and PR support materials and in return, each artist is responsible for a monthly pr/space fee."
  • Artisan Works. "At ARTISANworks, we believe it is the duty of artists and the community to come together under one roof and exchange ideas. In our 60,000 square foot facility, we have successfully developed a not-for-profit business model that serves to inform the public about diverse art forms and their vital importance to society. Our all-inclusive environment fosters the creation and appreciation of artistic ideas and concepts. With a unique behind-the-scenes experience of art creation at hand, each and every member of the community has access to the journey of discovery."
  • Charlotte-Genesee Lighthouse. "The Lighthouse is located in the Village of Charlotte (at the Port of Rochester, NY).  It was constructed in 1822 on a hill just west of the Genesee River and south of what once was a marshy area on the southern shores of Lake Ontario.  The current Keeper’s House was built in 1863 to replace the original one which was just to the south of the current building.  The Tower is 40 feet high with an additional 12 feet of height for the Lantern room.  There are 42 steps and then an 11 rung ladder that takes you into the Lantern room.  Here you will experience a beautiful panorama view of the surrounding area.  To the north is Lake Ontario, Ontario Beach Park, the Port of Rochester.  To the east are several marinas and Yacht Clubs and the United States Coast Guard Station Rochester.  To the south and west is Holy Cross Church and to the west are a high rise and many Charlotte businesses."
  • Creative Wellness Center. "The CWC provides a welcoming place where people meet to share ideas, and come together for trainings and support that promotes recovery. As an organization of recovering mental health participants, the Coalition is based on principles of self-help and empowerment."
  • Davison Gallery. Roberts Wesleyan College. "The Davison Gallery opened its doors in the atrium of the Cultural Life Center in the fall of 1996, made possible by the generous donation of Maxine B. Davison, in honor of her late husband, Donald F. Davison."
  • Gallery r. " Supported by Rochester Institute of Technology, Gallery r is an off-campus student managed art gallery that is administered by the School of Art, College of Imaging Arts & Sciences. Gallery r actively educates and encourages viewers to examine the relevance of art and cultural exposure in their own lives.

    As a metropolitan gallery, r presents art to the widest possible arts-supportive audience and maintains a selected collection of student and alumni artwork for on-site consignment and sales. The gallery serves as an educational laboratory site and visual arts venue for all RIT College of Imaging Arts and Sciences students."
  • Genesee Country Village & Museum. "The Genesee Country Village & Museum, chartered by the New York State Education Department as an educational institution, was founded with the goal of preserving prime examples of architecture from upstate New York to provide historical context for the telling of the history of New York State and America in the 19th century. 

    Through interactive programs, events and exhibits we help visitors understand the lives and times of 19th-century America. This unique living history experience provides meaningful insights into the origins of customs, traditions, social values and the evolution of our contemporary lifestyles."
  • George Eastman House, International Museum of Photography"George Eastman House, an independent nonprofit museum, is an educational institution that tells the story of photography and motion pictures—media that have changed and continue to change our perception of the world."
  • Granger Homestead & Carriage Museum. "The home the Granger Family welcomes you to visit, learn, explore and become part of its heritage. The stately Federal-style mansion has been restored to mid-19th century splendor. Two barns on the 10-acres hold close to 100 antique carriages and sleighs. One barn has a large collection of original Granger family farming equipment. Here you will also find an original early-19th century law office - one of only four in the country remaining.

    The mansion, barns, and law office are open to the public seasonally. The mansion is available to rent for memorable events such as weddings, anniversary parties or tea parties for young and old. Carriage and sleigh rides are available weekly and for special events by reservation."
  • Greece Historical Society. "Museum of the Town of Greece, in the relocated home of former Town Supervisor and
    County Manager Gordon Howe. Owned and operated by the Greece Historical Society.
  • Jell-O Museum.  "Take a tour through time and explore the history of  'America’s Most Famous Dessert,' JELL-O. Find out how this piece of Americana was produced, marketed, and enjoyed by millions..."
  • Joseph F. and Helen C. Dyer Arts Center at NTID. "The NTID permanent collection of art contains important works by deaf artists such as Chuck Baird and Morris Broderson. It also includes work by hearing artists. The collection is exhibited periodically in the Joseph F. and Helen C. Dyer Arts Center at NTID."
  • The Landmark Society of Western New York. "The Landmark Society of Western New York, Inc., is one of the oldest and most active preservation organizations in America. It is a not-for-profit membership organization dedicated to preserving, interpreting and fostering interest in the architectural, historical and cultural heritage of our region. The Landmark Society's service area covers nine Western New York counties."
  • Memorial Art Gallery "Since its founding in 1913, the Memorial Art Gallery’s collection has grown from its first acquisition, the gift of a lappet of lace, to a holding of nearly 11,000 works of art. Representing cultures from around the world and across millennia, the permanent collection is renowned for its breadth and its quality."
  • The New York Museum of Transportation"Our museums, located just south of Rochester, NY, have cooperated to offer our visitors a one-price joint experience in the world of transportation. The two museum complexes are connected by a railroad line which was built by volunteer members of the two organizations. From May to October, track car rides are run frequently during museum operating hours to provide a leisurely ride through the fields and forests between the tours of both Museum complexes."
  • Rochester Contemporary Art Center.  "Rochester Contemporary Art Center is a venue for the exchange of ideas. As an inclusive center for contemporary art we provide unique encounters for audiences and opportunities for emerging artists."  
  • The Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum
    See The New York Museum of Transportation (above)
  • Rochester Medical Museum & Archives. "The ViaHealth Archives Consortium has a new name: The Rochester Medical Museum and Archives. We are located at 333 Humboldt Street. Our collections include The Baker-Cederberg Museum and Archives of the Rochester General Hospital, The Genesee Hospital, Myers Community Hospital, Behavioral Health (Rochester Mental Health Center) Collection plus several tenant collections including: The New York State and Genesee Dietetic Associations and the Society for Total Emergency Programs (STEP) in one location. This consortium of Archives represent the vast array of Rochester’s Healthcare -- some nineteen collections in all."
  • Rochester Museum and Science Center. "Founded in 1912 as the City of Rochester, New York's Municipal Museum, the Rochester Museum & Science Center (RMSC) has grown from a City-funded agency into a unique public/private partnership with the County of Monroe."
  • Susan B. Anthony House. "Susan B. Anthony lived in the red brick Victorian House at 17 Madison Street from 1866 until her death in 1906, the forty most politically active years of her life. It was in this house, shared with her sister Mary, that Anthony was arrested for voting in 1872. In the parlor, she met and planned with famous reformers such as Frederick Douglass and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. In 1895, Anthony literally raised the roof of the house, adding a third floor workroom where she and her colleagues wrote the monumental History of Woman Suffrage.

    Today, the house is a museum with National Historic Landmark status. In addition to Anthony's belongings, the collection includes priceless photographs documenting the fight for woman suffrage and exhibits in the new Education and Visitor Center.
  • Strong National Museum of Play"Strong National Museum of Play is an exciting, hands-on, welcoming place to play, learn, and dream; a place to pretend, wonder, and explore; a place to discover the past and imagine the future; and a place to rekindle memories and make new ones.

    Strong is the only museum in the world dedicated solely to the study of play as it illuminates American culture. As an independent, 501-c-3, educational organization chartered by the New York State Board of Regents, the museum explores play because it is critical to learning and human development and offers a unique window into American culture. Understanding play helps people know who they are and what they value.

    Some people call Strong a children’s museum; others call it a history museum. In fact, it blends the best features of both–high interactivity and extensive collections–to serve a diverse audience of children, families, adults, students, educators, scholars, and collectors."
  • Visual Studies Workshop. "Visual Studies Workshop (VSW) is committed to expanding the potential of the media arts, and their impact on contemporary culture, through innovative programs in education, exhibition, publication, research, practice, and community service. In 1969, photographer, writer, curator, and educator Nathan Lyons founded VSW as an artist-run, educational and support center for photography and other media arts. We are an independent, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Since 1977, we have resided in two historic buildings located in the Neighborhood of the Arts in Rochester, NY, including other notable institutions such as The George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film and the University of Rochester’s Memorial Art Gallery. Over the past 40 years, VSW has produced hundreds of exhibitions, over 450 artists’ books and resource titles, maintained the publication Afterimage, a valued, bi-monthly journal, housed collections with over a million images, and offered residencies to hundreds of artists. Our wide range of programs and facilities support media artists, students, other arts organizations, and the general population interested in the visual arts and its education. The interrelated program areas that implement and extend our mission are in Education, the Research Center, Afterimage, VSW Press, Artists-in-Residence, and Exhibitions."

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