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About this list

This listing is not intended to be definitive.  These are bakeries that I shop at because they have the best baked goods.  If you know of good bakeries that are not listed here, share your favorites with me.  Send me an e-mail message at Max Lent

If you have a question about Rochester, NY area bakeries, post it to

All telephone numbers are in the 585 area code unless otherwise noted.

Business directory of bakeries

Other Bakery Reviews

My favorite bakeries

Brownsteins Deli & Bakery.  442-2770.  1862 Monroe Ave, Rochester, NY 14618.  Google Map

Yes it is possible to buy a good bagel in Rochester.  If you have ever had a real NYC bagel you probably won't like the bagels from super markets, especially the airy light made daily poofs from Wegmans.  NYC bagel aficionados like their bagels heavy and chewy and they like them fresh.  Brownsteins comes about as close as one can get to a real bagel this far away from NYC.  They come pretty close.  All of the varieties have the right flavors, mouth feel, chewyness, and solidity.  While you a there you may as well pick up some hand carved lox, cream cheese, new pickles, a Dr. Brown's soda (I like the Creme Soda), to go with your New York Times.  As a side note, BJ's Wholesale Club has the best pricing on Lox.  

Great Harvest Bread Company242-7544 Twelve Corners Plaza, Rochester, NY 14618.  Google Map.   Also at 210 Park Avenue (Satellite)  Rochester, NY 14607.  Google Map.  697-0400.

The Great Harvest Bakeries in Rochester were previously Montana Mills bakeries.  For those of us who liked the Montana Mills bakeries we are pleased to see that many of the original recipes are still being used.  Except for the name changes, the Twelve Corners location is almost identical to the old Montana Mills. 

I particularly enjoy the multigrain breads, such as Woodstock, with a hearty soup. 

Martusciello Bakery.  247-0510.  2280 Lyell Avenue, Rochester, NY 14606.  Google Map

If you were visiting Italy and found a bakery as good as Martusciello's you would feel as though the bakery itself was worth the trip.  It amazes me that  the Wegman's supermarket across the street even bothered to put in a bakery.  I can't imagine a real Italian being seen walking out of Wegmans with what Wegmans calls Italian bread when the real thing is just across the street.  Martusciello's is not perfect.  Their breads are not as dense as they should be, but they are very close to perfection.  While you are there, buy a slice of pizza or a sub to take home.  Experiment a little.  Buy an extra loaf of a bread you haven't tried before.  The breads are inexpensive and a real bargain considering their quality. 

Richport Pastries & Breads

"Our delicious pastries & breads are baked fresh daily. We use only the finest quality ingredients to ensure that our baked goods are always of the best possible flavor, texture & quality for our customers. Our scrumptious breads and mouth watering pastries are hand kneaded and skillfully baked to a golden perfection."  Comment:  Richport Pastries & Breads is located in Rochester's Public Market. 

Reader comment:  "The baked goods there are really great. They have the best Italian bread. It doesn't have a hard crust (which some people love but I don't). I can't find another Italian bread that I like as much. The Spanish baked goods are very different than anything found at regular bakeries. I'm hooked on the pastries they call Quesitos. They have authentic Mexican tacos there, as well."  Susan D.  5/04.

The Ravioli Shop (Closed)

The Ravioli Shop store has closed. See this Rochester Democrat & Chronicle news story. However, the ravioli is still available. See this article on RocWiki.

260 North Winton Road, Rochester, NY 14610.  585-288-6420.  Google Map.

The Ravioli Shop, known for incredibly delicious ravioli is now branching out by selling breads and gourmet pastries.  Their sourdough bread now reigns as the best sourdough bread available in the city.  It is hearty, crusty, and just sour enough.  If you have purchased gourmet breads in Paris, France, you will be reminded of them at the first taste of the Ravioli Shop's sourdough bread.  They also sell a wonderful baguette that will also remind you of Paris.  It has a wonderfully crisp crust and flavorful interior just perfect for dipping in one of the Ravioli Shop's gourmet olive oils or sopping up one of the Ravioli Shop's homemade sauces.

If you are a fan of flourless chocolate cakes, try the Ravioli Shop rendition of this often poorly made delectable.  Serve it at room temperature or slightly warmed in a 200 degree or less oven.  Do not microwave it or you will end up with chocolate syrup.  A little whipped cream, not spray can topping, or a little premium vanilla ice cream adds a delectable dimension to this fragile delicacy. 

Break off a butter pat sized piece of the flourless chocolate cake, put it in your mouth and close your eyes.  Let the cake dissolve on your tongue.  You can forgive yourself the moans that may follow.  If you start thinking to yourself that this experience is almost as good as sex, you are again forgiven.  If someone asks for a bite, tell them that the cake might be too rich for them.  Enjoy it all yourself. 

As with all of the Ravioli Shop's products, don't degrade them by eating them with inferior foods.  For example, unless you are near death from an illness caused by cholesterol or excessive fat, don't eat the Ravioli Shop breads with anything less than room temperature unsalted butter, preferably imported.

Read more about the Ravioli shop on the pasta page.        

Reader Suggestions

Baker Street Bakery


"The only true Italian bread in Rochester is from Giuseppe's. They just moved from Lyell rd. to a gorgeous shop in the old FWS plaza on Spencerport rd.  They don't have a sign yet due to construction in the plaza, but they are right in the corner. I was a daily regular at Veltre's and since they closed, Giuseppe's has been my daily bread stop. This place puts the rest of Rochester's supposed bread companies to shame." FWS Plaza, 40 Spencerport Road, Rochester, NY 14468.  J.C. 11/04

Phillips European

I'd add Phillips European and Marcellos, Jacksons, and Wojtczak's (pronounced Wo-jacks).  Phillips isn't strictly a bakery, but they do make some of the finest baked goods in town. Their Macaroons are the BEST!  Martusciello Bakery, IMO, is the BEST bread and roll bakery in town. They supply Red Fedelles and several of the finer restaurants in town as well as selling out of the Rochester Public Market. Don't know where the actual bakery is.  Jacksons (Greece) and Wojtczak (Hudson Ave) are the two best bakeries for cakes, rolls, and general baked goods I know of. If you need a wedding cake or 100 dinner rolls for a party, or hot cross buns, or pretty much anything these are the places I go. (Anonymous)

Lost Bakery

Veltre & Sons Bakery. 26 Parkway, Rochester, NY 14608. (This bakery is closed.  See the explanation below)

Veltre & Sons Bakery makes real Italian bread in coal-fired brick ovens. If you are a bread connoisseur, I have already said enough to make your mouth water. Their bread is not that ultra-light synthetic foam sold as bread in supermarkets. Veltre & Sons bread has a hard crust and texture you can sink your teeth into. Ask if you can see the bread baking. If the bakery counter isn't busy and you ask politely, the counter person may take you in back to see bread baking in brick their brick ovens.

Finding Veltre & Sons Bakery is not easy. You could pass by their bakery every day of your life and never notice it. They are on a side street off of Lyell Ave., around the corner from Roncone's Italian restaurant. When you turn north off of Lyle Ave. onto Parkway, you will find them on the right (east) side of the street if you look carefully. There is not much signage and the entrance is in the driveway of a little house.

If you have to drive back across town to your home, you had better buy an extra loaf. A warm loaf of Veltre bread in a car has a very short life expectancy. There's something about that yeasty scent wafting out of the bread bag that is impossible to resist. If you are like me, you will want to tear off an end and eat it as soon as you get into your car. By the time you have stopped at several traffic lights that loaf may be gone. A bag of crumbs and a good story will not satisfy your family or dinner guests. If you can't get to this bakery before noon, call ahead and have a loaf reserved for you.

Veltre & Sons Bakery is one of Rochester, NY's gems. It should be made a historical and gastronomical treasure and protected forever. This bakery is the kind of place that food writers drive hundreds of miles to visit. Until they are discovered, let's keep this secret between just us.

Replies from the Veltre Family about the closing of the bakery


"Hi Max,

You might as well hear it from the horse’s mouth.  My name is Dave Veltre, the owner of Veltre Bakery.  The coal fired brick oven that once baked hundreds of crusty loaves of bread now stands cold and silent.  I ended 70 years of family traditions in pursuit of a new career in law enforcement.  Last year I was accepted into the Monroe County Deputy Sheriff Academy and had to make a very difficult decision for my family and myself.  The lure of a secure job, benefits, and more time with my family outweighed the challenges of running the bakery, so I retired from baking and turned to a life of fighting crime.  I miss the customers, who made that special trip to my bakery and the families that were our patrons for generations, but you can't buy time and the time I spend now with my family is priceless. 

The bakery and the attached house are for sale.  They are priced very low.  The bakery has been closed since last year and the neighbors tell me that cars still pull in every day looking for our legendary bread.  Feel free to contact me at 889- 9251. 

Yours truly, 

Deputy David Veltre"


"Hi Max,

I am writing from Naples Florida and just read your article on Veltre Baker -I am Anita Veltre...My grandfather John started the bakery many many years ago and my father, Sonny Veltre and brother David have run this great little family business for many years (my Dad started working in the bakery at age 11 - he's 73 now!) 

Yes, the bakery just recently ended a long career of making people happy with the wonderful tastes of Italian bread and pizza.  This ending is a sad part of our history, however after reading your article I cannot tell you how wonderful I feel.   I cannot wait to tell my Dad and brother and I know my Grandma and Grandpa are looking down smiling!  This was a very family business with aunts, uncles and grandchildren participation!  Your article warmed my heart and also made me homesick for that fresh loaf of bread - never to be duplicated... 

Thank you so much for this article...  I will share it with the Veltre family. 

Kindest regards,

Anita Veltre"

Still more news about the Veltre bakery


An article in City Newspaper ( suggested that a local church may be purchasing the bakery.  Let's hope that they are successful.

Do you have a favorite bakery?  Publish your complaints and raves to our to the discussion.



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