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Rochester, NY City Guide

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Parks in the Rochester, NY Area

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Monroe County

  • Monroe County Parks.  "Hand-feed chickadees, walk on a floating boardwalk over wetlands, swim on a guarded beach, visit exotic animals, visit a botanical garden, cast a fishing line, visit a working farm, ride a menagerie carousel, have a picnic, get married, watch a movie outside at night, play a round of golf, enjoy a Shakespeare performance, listen to an outdoor concert, fly a kite, take a hike, horseback ride, fly a model airplane, play bocce—all in our county parks!"

    You can enjoy all of these and many more activities in our 21 Monroe County Parks’ nearly 12,000 acres of land. Located throughout the county, our parks provide residents and visitors with a variety of leisure activities."

    • Black Creek Park.  "Black Creek Park is still a relatively undeveloped park. This 1,505-acre park has many different aspects to offer. The park can accommodate hiking, soccer, fishing, horseback riding and sledding/cross country skiing. It also includes a playground located by the Woodside lodge. The park offers five unique trails, all of which are good settings to view nature and animals..." Google Map
    • Churchville County Park.  "Churchville Park is full of fun recreational areas: a softball field, soccer field, tennis courts, playgrounds, a golf course, a natural ice skating rink and a disc (Frisbee) golf course. Churchville's 742 acres includes five lodges and six shelters are available for rental. Churchville Park also offers a car-top boat launch." Google Map.  
    • Corbett's Glen Park and Allens Creek/Corbett's Glen Preservation Group (ACCGPG). "Nestled just southeast of Rochester City limits are 73 acres of land of Unsurpassed natural beauty and Environmental sensitivity, often referred to as the Allens Creek Valley. Carved by glaciers, the valley has been safeguarded from development due to steep slopes that surround and protect it. The secluded valley offers an oasis of sight, sound, and remarkable natural features in an otherwise densely developed suburban area." Google Map.
    • Devil's Cove Park.  "Devil’s Cove Park is the newest Monroe County Park. It was acquired in 2000 and is located on Irondequoit Bay to establish the 21st Monroe County Park. It is natural and undeveloped..."  Google Map.  
    • Durand-Eastman Park.  "The 5,000 feet of Lake Ontario waterfront at Durand-Eastman Park creates a relaxing summer environment, while supporting a winter challenge for cross-country skiers. Its steep wooded slopes, valleys, scenic vistas, small lakes, spring flowering trees and spectacular fall foliage colors add to this park’s exceptional beauty. Durand-Eastman Park has eight shelters, a playground and a golf course..."  Google map.
    • Ellison Park.  "Ellison Park has the beauty of natural woodlands combined with steep slopes and the level flood plain of the Irondequoit Creek. Ellison has baseball diamonds and playgrounds equipment. Tennis courts are located in the park off Blossom Road. There are two designated sledding hills located in Ellison Park. A Canoe Launch located by the Circle Shelter allows you to canoe in Irondequoit Creek, fishing is allowed. Ellison Park has many trails, their locations are shown on the trail map. Fort Schuyler is another attraction that the park offers; this replica of the original Fort is a great attraction for the whole family.

      This park has four enclosed lodges and six open-air shelters..."  Google Map.
    • Genesee Valley Park.  "Genesee Valley Park is a Fredrick Law Olmstead designed park that is dominated by three intersecting waterways, Red Creek, the Genesee River and the New York State Barge Canal. This pristine park offers eight open air shelters for rental..."  Google Map.
    • Greece Canal Park.  "This 577 acre park is ideal for hiking, bird watching and cross-country skiing. The park also has baseball diamonds, soccer field, tennis court, playgrounds and youth camping area. Greece Canal Park offers two lodges and one shelter."  Google Map.
    • Hansen Nature Center
    • Highland Park.  "Highland Park is a beautiful park that is host to many fun activities, events and interesting attractions. Highland Park offers the Lilac Festival in May, where there are games, crafts, food and fun!
    • The Lamberton Conservatory, which is a beautiful collection of plants from many different places, is open all tear around. Many memorials and gardens are located in the park, from The Vietnam Veterans Memorial to the Aids Remembrance Garden. The lily pond provides a natural skating rink in the winter. A softball diamond is also available for use..." Google Map.
    • Irondequoit Bay Marine Park.  "Irondequoit Bay Marine Park has access to Irondequoit Bay which empties into Lake Ontario.  Google Map.
    • Irondequoit Bay Park East.  "This beautiful Monroe County Park is located on the east shore of Irondequoit Bay and offers hiking and access to the bay for fishing. Completely undeveloped, Irondequoit Bay Park East’s 182 acres are located on approximately 2,000 feet of Irondequoit Bay water frontage..."  Google Map.
    • Irondequoit Bay Park West.  "This beautiful Monroe County Park is located on the west shore of Irondequoit Bay and offers hiking and access to the bay for fishing. Completely undeveloped, Irondequoit Bay Park West’s 147 acres are located along approximately 2,000 feet of Irondequoit Bay water frontage..."  Google Map.
    • Lehigh Valley Trail Park.  "This 15 mile linear trail park is located in the southern most portion of Monroe County, beginning at the Genesee River and extending through the Towns of Rush and Mendon to the Ontario County Line, and extending north to the Town of Henrietta..." Monroe County Map.
    • Mendon Ponds Park.  Mendon Ponds Park is the largest Monroe County Park with 2,500 acres of woodlands, ponds, wetlands and glacially created landforms. This distinct park offers six lodges and seven shelters, all available for rental. Mendon Ponds has many recreational areas, Sharon’s Sensory Garden, Wild Wings, Inc., a Youth Camping area, and a boat launch..."  Google Map
    • Northampton Park.  "Northampton Park has hiking, bridle and cross-country ski trails, a downhill ski slope, a model airplane field, playground equipment, soccer fields, a softball field, and a youth camping area. The park also offers two lodges that are available for rent."  Google Map.
    • Oatka Creek Park.  "This mostly undeveloped parkland is home to wildlife and fishing enthusiasts. Approximately one mile of this creek (both banks) runs through the 461-acre Oatka Creek Park. This park also offers one lodge, which has been renovated..." Google Map.
    • Ontario Beach Park.  "Whether taking a romantic stroll along its picturesque pier, riding the 1905 Dentzel menagerie carousel, or boating, Ontario Beach Park provides all that’s necessary for a perfect summer day at the beach. Ontario Beach Park attracts tens of thousands of visitors annually. The park offers seven shelters that are available for rent in the summer months..."  Google Map.
    • Powder Mills Park.  "Powder Mills Park offers a unique natural setting with steep hillsides, creekside meadows and wetlands that provide a variety of recreational activities. There is downhill skiing, hiking, a sand volleyball court, and trout fishing. The park also offers six lodges and four shelters all available to rent..."  Google Map.
    • Seneca Park.  "This unique park offers many different aspects of nature, as well as offering recreational areas. Seneca Park provides three picnic shelters, the newly renovated Wegman Lodge, playgrounds, scenic views of the Genesee River gorge, hiking trails, open fields and large pond with a paved walking path."  Google Map
    • Seneca Park Zoo.  "Monroe County’s Seneca Park Zoo is open 364 days each year for visitors of all ages! Polar bears, tigers, sea lions, elephants and orangutans are just a few of the animals you can visit at the Seneca Park Zoo..."  Google Map.
    • Thousand Acre Swamp. Located in Penfield, NY.
    • Tinker Nature Park. "The Tinker Homestead is an 1830 cobblestone home listed on the National Register of Historic Places and depicts farming life in the late 1800’s.'
    • Tryon Park.  "Tryon Park contains 82 undeveloped acres on the western shore of Irondequoit Bay and offers hiking and natural scenic areas..."  Google Map.
    • Webster Park.  "At Webster Park, you'll discover 550 acres beautiful evergreen-planted slopes, rolling lakeshore breakers and cool green valleys. Located along the shore of Lake Ontario, this Monroe County Park even has a fishing pier. There is a baseball diamond, tennis courts, youth camping and a family campground in the park."  Webster Park Cross/Country Skiing. Google Map.
    • Wetlands Park.  "The Wetlands are located on the north side of Ellison Park and continue to Irondequoit Bay. This marsh area is great for canoe and kayak access to the bay. In 2001 an additional 12 acres were acquired in the wetlands area.  Google Map.




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